That’s What You Get!

There’s a disturbing attitude of “oh fucking well” that infects society.  Someone skips down the sidewalk, having fun and hurting no one, trips and skins their elbow or knee pretty badly.  People stand by, point and laugh, and say “Well that’s whatcha get for being stupid!”  No charity, no compassion, not even the hint of taking a second to ask “Are you okay?”  What if someone is bleeding?  No one offers to help, including those standing by with their fucking bottled water, that could easily offer it up to help wash out the wound real quick.  Anything to help a person get up and be okay.

When did people become such assholes to each other?  Why is that okay?  When did taking pleasure in the life-hiccups of another become so appealing and entertaining, and preferable to compassion and humanity?  If it’s not perfect, then they deserve the chops they get.  What an immoral and insane ideology.

In a really bad emotional time in my life, I once had someone tell me they didn’t hate me, they loved me, because I was a constant source of entertainment to them.  I remember stepping out of my own muck and mire at the time, for just a moment, and thinking “Gheezus, what happened to you to get to that point?”  It was actually the start of me seeing things and people differently (coupled with my embracing Anarchism over 3 years ago, & subsequent life lessons, reading, etc).  I don’t really know what that person does today, or if they’re still that way (I hope they aren’t, they have good in them I believe).  But as an example, it screams volumes about society’s attitude toward itself. 

People hate themselves so much today, and I can’t figure out why.  Okay well, I sort of can.  When we’re bombarded with that type of “entertainment” on TV with housewives, or rich people, or whoever acting a damn fool, how can we not expect everyday people, who idolize quasi-celebrities on TV, do to the same shit?  I’m not God, but I’d seriously reconsider the “I’ll never wipe out humanity and start again with a flood” promise.