I Get The Uneasy Feeling That The Occupy Albany Group Is A Bit Disorganized

They got a day or two of coverage on the news (WNYT that I came across, perhaps Fox23 too), then it was over.  Walking the streets gets yourself some attention, but major non-violent civil disobedience will get the movement going in Albany.  BIG moves need to be made, not marching down Central Avenue, or Washington Avenue.  People in Albany have never really been that committed to a cause, that I’ve seen in the 14 years I’ve lived here.  Oh wait, they are when someone tries to build a new business or a strip mall in a suburb.  ”Too much urbanization,” they scream.  Yeah, we probably don’t need that many new jobs anyway.  Fuck it.

Frankly (and Dustin might scoff at this), part of me wouldn’t mind some violence.  I say that meaning that I’m not out for a fight, but the level of blood-boiling going on inside me at the injustices of the Wall Street situation right now, civil rights for all people (gay, black, or otherwise), the bigotry of the Church, and hatefulness of fellow citizens makes me want to smash a few cop cars (of course who doesn’t like a big fire in the fall?).  But I know that violence begets violence, and that it would solve nothing to do all that.  I’d be dishonest if I said that it didn’t appeal to some small part of me.

What I’d really like to do is picket voting places next November.  There is probably some bullshit law about not being able to picket (define picket - standing w/ a sign? Yelling obscenities to voters? Flipping the bird?) within so many feet of a polling place, but let’s find that border, and stand 1” outside the border and get to business.  I would also like the group to picket every political rally, or press conference of any politician between now and November 2012.  Of course most of the people are not Anarchist (I’m assuming), and see an elected leader as an essential element in society.  ”We NEED new leadership.”  No, YOU need leadership.  I don’t subscribe to, nor endorse, that.