The man who al Qaeda was grooming to be the 20th hijacker, Mohammed al-Qahtani, was interrogated at Guantánamo for 48 days, more or less continuously, rousted from bed at 4 a.m. for interrogation sessions that went on until midnight. If he dozed off, he was doused with water or given a sharp blast of some especially annoying music by Christina Aguilera. He was forced to perform dog tricks, often exposed to low temperatures, made to stand in the nude, and whenever he seemed to be flagging, he was given drugs and enemas so the interrogations could continue.

Peter Bergen, on how the U.S. found bin Laden, via his courier.

I wonder if they used Bionic from Aguilera? I can’t imagine a worse CD to blast to torture someone. Was it in a bargain bin, a used item, or some of the 346,000 copies went in the first week?