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  • ernestsewell:

    Sunday, 11:40 a.m.

    Non-spoiler recap:

    1. Movie was more cerebral than action packed; not a bad thing.
    2. There was still plenty of action.
    3. The story in general was so well done, lots of back story.
    4. The ending was genius; one element I had figured out, another wasn’t totally sure.
    5. Anne Hathaway was so freakin’ sexy.
    6. Not everyone is who you think they are.
    7. There was even more Alfred story, and it was very well done.
    8. The Bat comes in black, and it was badass!
    9. The movie was LONG!  2 hours 45 minutes! Get comfortable.

    With my $5 off coupon, I paid $3.25 to see the movie. I had a coupon for Brian as well, so the $6.50 charge covered both of us.  SCORE!

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