Olympics? Meh.

No doubt Beijeng had such a beautiful, inventive, and huge show, it would never be topped.  Danny Boyle knew he couldn’t top his own stuff from ‘08, so he went in a totally different direction.  It was a fail overall.

While I think the Olympics are a colossal waste of money and resources, I do enjoy a good theatrical show.  However, Boyle’s production this time around was downright lame.  Nothing really stood out as an “Ohhhh” moment for me.  

The flying monkey thing was bizarre, and never really went anywhere - except up in the air.  

The James Bond segment was pretty cool. Always up to swoon over Daniel Craig.  

The removal of the “old world” set, literally piece by piece in the hands of all the extras, trying to signify the onset of the industrial age, was way too long, boring, and there was nothing to really focus on.  It was like someone left the curtain up between acts in a play.  

Paul McCartney?  Oh cool.  Wait - we’re spending how long singing “Hey Jude”???  Sooooo, you have James Bond, but you don’t play “Live And Let Die”?  Did no one ask Tina Turner to do some “Goldeneye”?  She’s practically European now.  

I don’t remember much else, except the awkward flag corp (the one air force guy was near Nazi in his march), people pussyfootin’ it up that long and winding road (THAT would have been a better song, all things considered).  The torch/cauldron, while beautiful, was a bit of a “Oh….hmmm” moment.  People weren’t quite sure if it was going to go up, fire up something else, or just stay there.  It sort of looked more like a fancy copper bonfire gone awry, but still pretty.  I guess.  I thought that big thing outside the stadium was the cauldron.  But so far, it just had some fireworks on it.  (What is that thing anyway?)  The cauldron looks like a mutant Partylite item.

Overall, it seemed more like a vanity project by Danny Boyle, than anything anyone will ever remember.  Next time, take all that fucking money and give it back to the people.