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  • (via Nexus 7 (16GB) - Google Play)

    Oh have mercy, I’m getting me one of these, and it’s gorgeous. I had my eye on the Galaxy Tab 2, but the Nexus 7’s features are pretty incredible. The short comings of the Nexus (that the Galaxy Tab have) are no IR blaster (for universal remote controls), and no microSD slot (since most of Google stuff is cloud based anyway), & no rear facing camera on the Nexus, but front facing is 1.2MP (fine for video chats).  Galaxy has 3MP rear, and VGA front.

    The pluses: 

    • Nexus resolution 1280x800 vs Samsung 1024x700
    • Same size screen, but Nexus is smaller bezel, & easier to hold.  Also lighter. 
    • Nexus is quad core (the first tablet with that) vs Galaxy’s dual core (which isn’t bad).
    • Both have 1 gig ram.  
    • Nexus has Corning scratch-resistant glass.
    • Nexus has Android 4.1 (jellybean) vs Galaxy having Icr Cream Sandwich (4.0).
    • Both have NFC (touch to trade a file).  Both have GPS, accelerometer, etc etc.

    I’ve held both over the weekend, and was instantly intoxicated w/ the Nexus.  However, I did do some research.  But so far, people have raved about it.

    Oh, here’s the final nail in Galaxy’s coffin.

    • 8 gig Galaxy = $249.
    • 8 Gig Nexus = $199
    • 16 Gig Nexus = $249.

    Better system, interface, syncing w/ Google Play, etc, and 16gigs for the same price of the Galaxy 8gig.

    I’m on this shit like a chicken on a June bug.