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  • #ViggleMilestone I hit my 200,000 mark overnight. That’s $100 in free Amazon or Best Buy cash. (Taken with Instagram)

    Sign up by clicking the picture, or going here. Refer a friend, and get 200 bonus points for each friend.  Viggle gives you 1,500 to start you off.  The rewards are pretty nice.  Sephora, Best Buy, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, The Gap, Fandango, Starbucks, JCPenney, Facebook (?!), Chili’s, ShopRunner, Papa John’s, Lowe’s, Burger King, Hot Topic, Totsy, Banana Republic, Spotify, Fanatics, Gamefly, RedBox, HuluPlus, Origin, 1800Flowers, ScoreBig. You can also outright in an AppleTV, Macbook Air, a CRUISE (A CRUISE, people!), or a Kindle Fire.

    Gheezus, do you need another reason to sign up to get rewards for watching television????