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  • President Obama asks that we Legalize Love.

    What a bunch of shit! How is love illegal?  When did love become wrong?  LEGALize love?  So we are digging more into letting the government tell us we’re LEGAL.  NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL, whether they cross a border or fuck another dude.  barack obama IS NOT STICKING UP FOR OUR FAMILIES!  He’s a fucking liar, a turncoat, and a vicious murderer-in-chief.  This is the biggest steaming pile of propaganda bullshit pandering I’ve seen since..oh, 2008 when he needed the gay vote.  

    Don’t LGBT people see the pattern?  He was all pro-LGBT, then turned his back on people, now he’s suddenly back again, and he’s everyone’s best fucking friend.  He’s a politician.  He will play the same game EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. to get your tired, unimportant, worthless vote.  And you know what?  There’s just enough stupid LGBT people out there that will do it.  They’ll give the ol’ boy a second chance, because you know - what’s four years anyway?  We can just dismiss the first term, because our lives are so vast and longlasting (thank God there are no more gay bashing, or LGBT-related murders and viole……oops) that we can just make a wash of the past 4 years.  

    A bumper sticker?  REALLY?  People REALLY believe making LOVE LEGAL is going to do the trick?  It’s like saying “Hey, let’s make air okay to breathe.”  Bitch, anyone I love isn’t legal or illegal - it simply IS.  I don’t need barry obama, his cronies, or even fucking Chick-fil-a telling me what I feel is okay or not.  What the everliving fuck people?!?!  And PS - your “second class citizen” bullshit?  Yeah, that is created by politicians too.  Keeps people separated and distracted by fighting class wars.  Stop fucking pandering, bowing, cowering, and blindly supporting an entity that doesn’t fucking care about you to begin with.  Gheezus that makes my blood boil.  Fuck you barack.

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