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    Look at his hands, look at her balance. She’s not daintily placing her foot in the air, she is off-kilter. The placement of his legs and the force he is exerting on her is pulling her off of her feet. Look at his hand on her waist. He’s forcing her hips into that position. Look at her head in the crook of his elbow, he has entire control over the position of her head. Look at the way they kiss, look at his closed fist. This wasn’t a gentle advance with an opportunity for dissent (or consent), this was a woman ripped off of her feet and molested. This is rape culture. 

    First, I’m going to give the o.p. the benefit of the doubt that she’s joking, or she’s young, or both.  (I can’t imagine anyone being this stupid.)

    However, if they are serious, let’s explore the stupidity for a moment.

    Unless the o.p. is upwards of 70 years old, I highly doubt they have any idea of the mood of the United States during or after World War II.  And while I am not near 70 years old, it just takes some education on the matter.  I’ve had the privilege of my grandfather having great WWII stories.  He was a great historian, and I learned a lot from him.  So while I wasn’t at the event, I do have reference (one which will, as you’ll see, trump assumptions & projections by some misandrist).

    The sailor in question was thought to be at Radio City Music Hall, and came out when screams of people saying the war was over could be heard all through the streets.  Bars were packed, so he headed to Times Square to celebrate.  Other servicemen were kissing all the women, old and young alike, hugging each other, and having an all around good time in celebration.  It wasn’t that the U.S. defeated Japan (due to their surrender, and our use of an atom bomb), but rather than the United States could once again be a country of families, not of war efforts.  (War efforts were often saving grease from people’s cooking, canning food as to help rations later on, because it could be made into tires, or recycling every bit of old metal to make bombs and guns - the amount of propaganda by the state to the citizens was incredible.  War infiltrated daily life to the fullest extent, shy of opening up one’s house as a bed & breakfast to those servicemen on leave.  War then isn’t like war now.  War these days is a science.  It’s technical, it’s calculated, and it’s shielded from the public.  In WWII, war was raw, and affected everyone.  And while the state still tried to hide the atrocities of the Nazi’s, and the casualties of the Japan led invasion on the U.S., the trust was still out there.  People were greatly affected by it all, and a residual depression stayed over the U.S. for those years.  When the war ended, it was like a weight coming off the shoulders of the country.)  

    The military all greatly loved & appreciated the sacrifices their families had made in such a rough and extensive war.  Remember, the U.S. was in two fights.  The Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor, and eventually the U.S. was pulled into fighting the Nazi’s in Europe (which they never should have done).  The celebration here was the unconditional surrender of Japan to the U.S. on August 14, 1945.  (No bit of irony states that these types of celebrations don’t exist today simply because the murderer-in-chief stays in war mode 24/7; there is never a coming home, or a final end to anything - and in reality there wasn’t in 1945 either, but that’s another entry.)

    What amazes me about the ignorance of people with this photo (and this isn’t the first diatribe I’ve heard by feminists about this photo - PS: get a new cause, because your current one makes you look like silly, whiny twats) is that they forget how a split second caught on film (that’s what us old folks used before camera phones became glued to people’s hands) is often misinterpreted, and taken out of context.  The tabloids constantly publish some oddball photo of a celebrity, caught in a split second of an awkward moment, and the stupidity of the public takes over fueled by their need for the moral shredding of others to enhance their own fragile or non-existent ego, and somehow thinks that the moment captured is what happened for minutes, or hours, or days.  The sailor didn’t rape the girl in the picture, nor did he violate her.  People were celebrating.  He doesn’t have his hand up her skirt, nor does he really even have a fist balled up.  It’s a natural reflex to pull your hand back when hugging someone if it isn’t touch the other person.  A hug involves the arms, but the feelings is continued and completed at the hands (it doesn’t start there).  So the retraction of the hand in some weird fashion, given this situation, is natural.  To assume he was being overtly and sexually aggressive is nothing short of pure fiction.

    Let’s also remember that men kissing women in the 40’s was more eloquent than it is now.  To grab your girl, and bend her backwards a bit to kiss her was a sign of not only testosterone, but of social & cultural norms.  Women were more submissive, but that doesn’t translate to weak or stupid.  While she might have been off balance a bit, because the kiss was a surprise, it’s without reason to claim she was “ripped off her feet and molested”.  Notice her hand on her own butt, not his hand on her butt.  In fact, his hand is supporting her at the waist. For fuck’s sake, he didn’t kiss her and drop her on the ground like an old sock.

    No one else in the photo seems to be upset, yelling, or otherwise perturbed that his sailor was kissing a nurse.  Oh, that’s right - everyone else was complacent with rape culture, weren’t they?  They were guilty because they “stood by and let it happen”, right?  She wasn’t the only nurse who got a kiss that day from a man, nor was it her only kiss that day during the celebration, surely wasn’t the only woman Glenn kissed that day.

    I don’t remember feminist screaming when the scene was recreated in The Watchman, where the couple is found murdered later on.  I don’t remember feminists screaming when the scene was put into living form in Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, as celebrating rape culture.  I don’t remember feminists protesting the life size bronze model made by John Johnson II (A MAN!), or the 25+ foot recreating of the same, by the same, that has toured around different parts of the United States, saying it memorialized rape culture.  Why don’t I remember that?  BECAUSE IT NEVER HAPPENED, BECAUSE TO DO THAT WOULD BE UTTER BULLSHIT.

    So feminists - get over yourselves.  Your cause is ridiculous.  If you don’t want to be treated like a perpetual victim, stop fucking acting like one.  And don’t take a part of pop culture and try to sully it by adding your old ass political agenda to it.  How about you go after the military, who really DOES rape women in foreign countries, before putting a bullet in their head to shut them up?  How about you attack the state for keeping women underpaid, and keeping segregated ideas and bigoted attitudes alive.  My dick isn’t your problem - your limited mindset is your problem. Feminists are doing more damage than Cochran did in the O.J. trial.

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