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  • thedailyconservative:


    -Areas that Iran can attack with missile- 

    No.  Doesn’t concern me at all.  And since when is a conservative worried about Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Iraq, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Russia?!?!  This faux concern comes from a conservative who also hates Islam.  Since Islam is one of the prevailing religions in this region, where exactly is the sudden concern coming from?  Is it because, like every other conservative, they’re just blood thirsty?  

    Yes, please - let’s plunge the country into more war, more debt, and more death and destruction.  They’re all just a bunch of sand ni**ers anyway, aren’t they?  Oh sorry, I believe the words you used were “barbaric”, and you also used racial slurs like “Habib”, said that they smelled, and alleged that the U.S.’s actions of war, violence, murder, and rape brought “freedom to your rat-filled, woman-beating country”.  Wow, classy.  You know, Jesus was born in Bethlehem.  That’s a Palestinian city on the west bank.  It’s due south of Jerusalem.  Jesus’s parents, Joseph & Mary, were from Nazareth, which was in Israel.  Now if we’re sticking to the ideology that this is “your country” because you were born here, then by default Jesus was Palestinian, not Israeli, because he was born on different soil.  (Oh, sidenote:  Nazareth is known as the Arab Capital of Israel.)  So, all those places mentioned in the Bible that you think piss on in your Tumblr in the name of God?  Yeah, those are in the Middle East, where all them terrorists live.  Was Jesus a terrorist?  No, but he probably looked like one, at least your boggled vision of one.  I mean, he was Middle Eastern, so we can probably agree he wasn’t white, right?  Oh damn - you probably think Jesus looks like Max Von Sydow, don’t you?  Well, sorry to burst your bubble but Max is Swedish, with a French citizenship.  Can you remind me again Middle Eastern country Timothy McVeigh was from, and what his religion was?

    Here’s the long and short of it (and PS I’m not a liberal, a conservative, a Libertarian, Green party, or any other political affiliation):  Government seeks to do one thing - propagate its own existence.  There is no enemy.  Iran hasn’t attacked the U.S., and the Iran-Iraq war ended 24 years ago (to the week as of August 20).  Who gives a fuck if they hate amurrika?  You can’t bully someone into being your friend, although amurrika has certainly turned it into an art form.  Who the fuck does amurrika think it is trying to tell everyone else what to do, how to live, and how to run their countries?  What utter arrogance.  

    The biggest flaw of conservatives is that 1) they think God endorses their actions, 2) they think God is on their side overall, and 3) they’re right.  Christ said that it’s evil to even resist an evil person, yet the “war on terror” or evil or whatever the latest buzzword is goes directly against God’s word.  Nowhere did Christ endorse war or violence, nor did he endorse a government or a state-run system.  The biggest way to “take God’s name in vain” is to stitch it inside some military uniform, or slip it into a jacket pocket of a soldier, and then that soldier goes off with a gun, and a finger on a button, and unleashes terror on innocent civilians, including men, women, children, and unborn children.  Yes, please, march into another country in the name of God, and shoot people.  THAT is taking God’s name in vain. It doesn’t take saying goddamn to do it either.  (And if you really think the bible was addressing people saying goddamn 2000 years ago, you’re even more delusional.)

    Wanna know what the map looks like that has the U.S. bombing zone in it?  Here ya go.  In the end, the U.S. needs to mind its own fucking business.  But we know because the state is wholly engulfed in perpetual violence & coercion, that it will never happen.  The U.S. doesn’t have some special pact with God because a small majority of its citizens are born-again Christians.  If God is no respecter of persons, then why does the U.S. think it’s superior over those in the Middle East?

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