U.S. Seems Set to Brand Militant Group as ‘Terrorist’ – WKTSOTFR

WASHINGTON — Risking a new breach in relations with Pakistan, the Obama administration is leaning toward designating the Haqqani network, the insurgent group responsible for some of the most spectacular assaults on American bases in Afghanistan in recent years, as a terrorist organization….

Here’s a thought, Mr. Obama - if you don’t want your precious military attacked, GET THE FUCK OUT OF AFGHANISTAN.  They don’t want the U.S. there.  That is why the base & it’s inhabitants are being shot at, bombed, & otherwise assaulted.  You’re not welcome there anymore.  

How fucking clueless are amurrikans that they think “those people” are terrorists.  Who is occupying whose country?!?!  THE U.S. are the terrorists to them!