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    Reality Check: 1 on 1 With President Obama, How Does He Justify A Kill List? (by BenSwannRealityCheck)

    You know I don’t know how people keep on defending barry when they see things like this.  Do people just assume every media organization is out for obama because they’re either 1) conservative, or 2) inherently racist?  I mean - are you still playing that racism card to this degree?  Lemme share sumfin’ wif you, mmkay?  Most people don’t give a shit if barry is part black.  (He did win the election after all.)  And if it pains you so much to think a black man is being attacked, then remember he’s half white too, so let’s just assume white people are attacking that side of him.  How’s that? —  Apart from the racial bullshit, the FACTS are that barry’s administration is far more violent than dubya’s ever was or hoped to be.  And let’s be fair in saying that obama isn’t the first potus to have blood on his hands.  every president in my years has been involved in some sort of war effort.  How can they not be?  The U.S. is constantly at war in some fashion, whether on a larger scale like Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Viet Nam, Korea (the list is too long).  But this potus has so much blood on his hands.  

    When the president has a kill list of amurrikan citizens, you’re a blind fucking fool to vote for them again.  (Hell, it’s damn stupid for voting at all - don’t like that?  Tough shit, I stand by it.  Voting is pointless.)  I’m sure there are plenty of those deeper in shade that will still defend him, like he’s their brother or something.  No, we don’t want him farting rainbows & unicorns.  To stop targeting & murdering U.S. citizens would be a good fucking start.  

    But you know - fight the power, and what not.  Oh wait, that was anti-establishment, too.  (You still don’t get it, do you?)

    (via anarcho-alowisney)

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      Please watch this video
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      Ben Swann is so awesome. I’m glad he’s from Cincinnati. He talks about the stuff that the media ignores, on BOTH sides....
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      But wait, we’re all supposed to be fawning over the first lady’s speech last night where she was begging for more time...
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      Watch this video if you’re thinking of voting for Obama.
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      You know I don’t know how people keep on defending barry when they see things like this. Do people just assume every...
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