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  • christopherstreet:

    Campaign Buttons - something as minor as this shows where a candidates priorities are…..

    Let’s keep this in perspective, instead of nitpicking because everyone’s so pro-obama. A button isn’t creating a job. That caption is misleading and propaganda.  A union doesn’t just pop up to create a bunch of buttons for barry obama, or anyone else.  The union already existed, as did the China market.  Either set of buttons was simply an order placed for a batch of product in bulk.  

    If everyone is digging to demonize Romney (or whoever - cuz I don’t give a fuck about either), and pointing to China made product, then to stick to your high and mighty principles you’ll need to throw away your smart phone, PC, Mac, iPad, iPod, Bluray player, Playstations, Game Cube, HDTV, earbuds, universal remotes, wireless optical mouse, wireless keyboard, car charger for any of the above products, your flash drive, your digital camera, your portable harddrive, your copy/fax/printer/scanner, your USB hub, your wireless router, your 7.0 surround system in your home theater….need I go on?  99% of what is in your house is not made in the U.S.A.  Look at the bottom of your coffee mug, even.  Where was it made?  (PS  Unless your car is American made, you should probably start walking or biking to work - but check the tag on your shoes or your 10-speed first.)

    I don’t blame people for buying a product not made in the USA.  amurrika has long since sold its soul for a few extra bucks.  Its sold out its industry, its technology, and its livelihood because someone came up with the idea that outsourcing would save money.  But that’s another show.

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      Crackin’ down on China huh? RIIiigghhhtt….
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      Now now, he promised to create jobs here. I’m sure this all part of that master plan.
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      Obama ftw
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      The war for Capital Hill
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