Oh For Fuck's Sake

  • Me: (posts about cop pulling old lady from a van)
  • random non-white chick: Unpopular Opinion: Good. Had this been a 22 year old Mexican lady, everyone would be blaming her. Age, Sex, etc… is no excuse for assuming you are above the law. Had I been the cop, I would have done the same.
  • Me: (in ask box) Where's all that "one love, one heart" bullshit when you promote violence against an old woman?
  • random non-white chick: I’m not promoting it. She had her fair share of warnings. Tell me at which point did she oblige? No one is above the law. I guarantee you if she were a 22 year old Mexican female it will be the females fault. People are just upset because she is an elderly WHITE woman.
  • Me: Oh, so now it's a race issue. You fully endorse police violence & brutality, and lack compassion. I get it. I know exactly who you are now - you're a state apologist.
  • random non-white chick: (makes personal attacks because she can't back up her claims)