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  • Homemade tofu chik’n pot pie. (Taken with Instagram)

    1. Pressed & drained extra firm tofu, cubed
    2. Brown tofu in olive oil
    3. Chopped leaks, rosemary & sage, 1 cup cheese, vegan chik’n bouillon cubes
    4. Browned tofu
    5. Saute leeks, add vegetable medley
    6. Rue made from olive oil, butter (or butter substitute), bouillon, rosemary, sage, and almond milk (plain); add cheese near end of cooking, adding milk to desire consistency.
    7. Phyllo dough in lightly oiled glass dish (I normally use puff pastry)
    8. Baked pot pie (layer tofu, vegetables, rue/gravy in pans, cover w/ dough & bake 425 for 20 minutes).
    9. Served w/ a bit extra gravy.