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  • aberombie:

    I’m no Republican, but you mean deporting people who are here illegally? I didn’t know something was wrong with that.

    Yes, you didn’t know that because you believe in the system that exists.  You believe that some piece of paper, or some invisible fence that a white man created hundreds of years ago means something.  You believe that a few of people who are “elected” to rule over the many are valid, coherent beings & that their word is the law.  You believe that people are different simply because of the soil they were born on.  You believe that legalities are a matter of state, not a matter of personal responsibility.  You believe that human beings can be labeled as “illegal”, yet God made everyone equally.  The differences lie in how we treat each other, not what the government says about us.  If I walk up to a white person, I don’t know if they’re here “illegally” or not.  (By the way, do you even know how to come to this country “legally”?)   I don’t know that they’re not Canadian, or British, or Irish, or Russian, or German.  How do I know if they’re here “illegally”?  Why do you blindly follow a state system that tells the citizens who is legal, who’s illegal, who’s better than the other.  Ignorant, prejudice, & racist views exist mainly because the state has created them.  Human rights mean nothing because of that.  

    Let me clue you into something - people are free simply because they exist.  Not because some 237 year old pieces of paper tells you that you are.  Not because some faceless entity writes a “law” saying you are.  Not because you happened, by pure chance, to be born on this side of an imaginary fence, instead of that side.  And here’s a bigger piece of information, the white English men & women that sailed to amurrika in 1620 didn’t come here legally either.  They showed up to the home of Indians, learned their tricks to farming, harvest, etc, then colonized them, raped them, murdered them, and invaded their land, took it over, and called it home.  (Sound familiar?)  So you don’t really want to defend barry obama’s murderous record in the Middle East do you, or the fact that he’s deported more human beings in four years than bush did in eight?  Is that your cover?

    If you really want to dig into who’s here illegally….look no further than the ancestors.

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