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  • Oh what - too much for you?  It’s not too much for your president.

    Murderer-In-Chief barry obama orders drone strikes daily in Yemen.  This is what happens when you support a murderer.  This isn’t about race, it’s about MURDER OF INNOCENT CHILDREN.  Do you really think it’s just collateral damage, or that it doesn’t happen daily just because you ignore it?  These two children (two of many) that were killed today in  Al Qatn, Hadhramaut, Yemen today by another U.S. drone strike.

    But you all go ahead and vote for barry because he’s pro-this or pro-that.  Let me share something with you:  ANYONE that supports this sort of war isn’t pro-life at all.  

    If you support the troops, mittens romney, barry obama, or any other politician (which is part of the violent state) you support the war.