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  • themattsmith:

    You’re on the wrong side of history.  At most, you will be portrayed as a villain in our children’s history books.  Better yet, you will be omitted altogether.

    Stop with the “preserving the sanctity of marriage” bullshit, stop it with the vilification of your fellow human beings based on their sexual preference, stop with the false and antiquated assertion that 2-parent heterosexual households are the only way to raise a solid citizen, stop it with your lowest common denominator pandering, stop it with the COMPARING SAME SEX MARRIAGE TO PEARL HARBOR.  Fucking STOP IT.

    These are HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS.  You can masquerade hatred as “values”, but you can’t make me fucking swallow a teaspoon of it, and I live in constant hope that a majority of the country is on the right side of history.

    Matt Smith just spoke tons, in so few words.  Thanks, Matt!

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      Matt Smith just spoke tons, in so few words. Thanks, Matt!
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      Michelle Bachmann is a flying cunt.
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    7. mathteach said: Last paragraph is perfect. It is 100% hatred that they have wrapped up in a pretty package and labelled as “values”… I hope you are correct and that most people will be able to see through it.
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      Yes, but I have to disagree with the omitting those idiots out of history books part. We won’t learn from our mistakes...
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      Plus? I do believe she’s married to a big fat ugly closet case.
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