It’s been two years since the U.S. killed Osama bin Laden.  Now we know the last words he spoke.

"For Allah’s sake, would someone please get the door?!"

CIA Bin Laden Chief: 'US Fighting An Enemy That Doesn't Exist'

Former CIA Bin Laden Chief exposes the lies behind government claims that terrorists are attacking the US because they hate our freedom.

Former CIA agent Michael Scheuer, who was once in charge of hunting Bin Laden, debunks US government propaganda that “Al Qaeda” and “Islamist” terrorists are waging a ware against America because they hate our freedom and they hate our way of life.

He explains how the US is fighting an enemy that does not exist….

Selected Rants From Facebook Today - Mine

I swear to pete, if I have to keep hearing “we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom”, I’m going to hurl last night’s dinner. The U.S. meddles in the Middle East. The Middle East pushes back, not wanting anyone’s interference in their lives (would YOU?), then the U.S. yells “TERRORIST!” It’s a total bullying tactic. 9/11 was a defensive measure, not an offensive. “They” don’t hate the U.S. because of capitalism, or free speech - they hate the U.S. for bullying their way into their lives. If someone broke in your house, & started to push you around, would you not fight back? Would you be blamed by the robber for being too aggressive? It’d be ludicrous! Attacking Iraq, or Afghanistan isn’t defending our freedom. It’s all about the OIL.

By the way, the terrorists have already won. bin Laden’s goal wasn’t to blow up the U.S. His goal was to cripple the U.S. financially. Cause a little stir, have the U.S. swoop in & start a fight, knowing it would drain all the money we had. This is exactly what’s happened. Gas is $4 a gallon, the economy is in the toilet (the only time I remember it being this bad was in the late 70’s w/ the gas shortage, and inflation), & despite Barack Obamney’s efforts to get “us out of Iraq”, the fact is the U.S. will ALWAYS have troops in the Middle East. Don’t think it’s U.S.-free over there. The U.S. has 737 military bases across the world. You think the U.S. is REALLY “out” of anywhere???

Did you know Japan has no military force? You know why? Part of the surrender agreement at the end of WWII was that the U.S. would be Japan’s military in exchange for free run of the land, basically. Look it up. The U.S. has put a toehold on every place it wants to - because it thinks its big enough to get what it wants. I’m not surprised when the U.S. is a target. It’s doomed to repeat history, because no lesson has been learned.

I Don’t Care That bin Laden Has Been Dead For A Year

I care that health care is a rich man’s pawn in an even bigger game, and that people like my mom didn’t get the best care possible because of shitty doctors, ill-informed nurses, & bad advice.

The U.S. is fighting an enemy that they created, & is diverting YOUR money to kill innocent people abroad in the name of freedom.  Bullshit!  How many people are dying at home because funds just aren’t there for those that need help?  Why can’t the U.S. put trillions of dollars into medical research & find cures for the ills in the land?  Why do food companies make shit product, & sell it dirt cheap, forcing poor people (that the government keeps poor by way of welfare & food stamps) to buy it, eat it, & become sick over time with diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, etc, eventually dying?  Why does the government literally pay farmers (or penalize them) to NOT grow food?  Do you know how much food farmers could really grow without huge food corporations & the government interfering with shit right down to what seeds to use???  Do people even realize how much we could take care of ourselves without the government patting itself on the back every time it murders someone?

Gheezus - when did everyone get so off track?????

Since Bin Laden's Death


In the wake of Osama bin Laden’s summary execution one year ago, many predicted that the War on Terror would finally begin to recede. Here’s what has happened since then:

  • With large bipartisan majorities, Congress renewed the once-controversial Patriot Act without a single reform, and it was signed into law by President Obama; Harry Reid accused those urging reforms of putting the country at risk of a Terrorist attack.
  • For the first time, perhaps ever, a U.S. citizen was assassinated by the CIA, on orders from the President, without a shred of due process and far from any battlefield; two weeks later, his 16-year-old American son was also killed by his own government; the U.S. Attorney General then gave a speech claiming the President has the power to target U.S. citizens for death based on unproven, secret accusations of Terrorism.
  • With large bipartisan majorities, Congress enacted, and the President signed, a new law codifying presidential powers of worldwide indefinite detention and an expanded statutory defintion of the War on Terror.
  • Construction neared completion for a sprawling new site in Utah for the National Security Agency to enable massive domestic surveillance and to achieve “the realization of the ‘total information awareness’ program created during the first term of the Bush administration.”
  • President Obama authorized the use of “signature” drone strikes in Yemen, whereby the CIA can target people for death “even when the identity of those who could be killed is not known.”
  • The U.S. formally expanded its drone attacks in Somalia, “reopening a base for the unmanned aircraft on the island nation of Seychelles.”
  • A U.S. drone killed 16-year-old Pakistani Tariq Aziz, along with his 12-year-old cousin, Waheed, three days after the older boy attended a meeting to protest civilian deaths from U.S. drones (another of Tariq’s cousins had been killed in 2010).
  • NATO airstrikes continued to extinguish the lives of Afghan children; in just the last 24 hours, 5 more Afghan children were killed by the ongoing war.
  • The FBI increased its aggressive attempts to recruit young Muslim-American males into Terror plots which the FBI concocts, funds, encourages, directs and enables, while prosecuting more and more Muslims in the U.S. for crimes grounded in their political views and speech.

Does it sound like the War on Terror and its accompanying civil liberties erosions are ending, or going in the opposite direction? The morning after the bin Laden killing, I wrote that the killing of bin Laden would likely re-ignite American excitement over militarism and would thus likely further fuel, rather than retard, the War and its various implications. As always: combatting Terrorism is not the end of the War on Terror; the War on Terror is the end in itself, and Terrorism is merely its pretext.

-Glenn Greenwald

Any other Republican candidate or a reelected Obama will keep lying to Americans by claiming that we are being attacked because of our liberties, gender-equality laws, and elections rather than because of Washington’s constant intervention in the Islamic world.

former head of the CIA’s “Bin Laden Unit”, Michael Scheuer in CIA Bin Laden Unit Chief Endorses Rep. Ron Paul (via davereed)