I Am Pro-Choice & Pro-Life.

We should have a choice in where our money goes. Period.

Obviously in the world we don’t have a choice most times, because the government either takes your money without asking through taxation (which is theft, by the way), or throws you in jail for not involuntarily being opted in.

The same goes for health care.  I should choose where my money goes.  That can be handled by what employer I work for, or what insurance company I patronize.  I might agree, or not agree, with certain aspects of health care, and some parts I might never utilize as a man, or as just who I am.  Should I have to pay for those, involuntarily?

Obamacare, which is my main sticking point, takes away your choices, should you choose to opt-in.  The other options?  Get your own insurance, which is unreasonable for someone with a lower income because it’s so insanely high, or not get insurance at all, then by fined by Obamacare for not having insurance. 

Is that freedom, for anyone?  “You will have health care, or else we’ll take away parts of your income which goes toward you taking care of yourself on a daily basis.”  The best way to be pro-choice AND pro-life is to let people decide exactly what they want to be part of, and not to penalize them if they don’t do something you agree with.  I know that’s a fucking stretch in today’s world, but it’s a real goal, across the board.

The beauty of a fully voluntary society is that you simply have choices in what you do and where you put your energy, time, money, and self.  Today, you don’t always have that choice.  That bothers me.  There’s no real healthy (!) competition in the health care and insurance industry.  The differences in premiums, most times, are little to none.  There’s no free market, and ease of choice right now.  That bothers me.  There’s nothing voluntary about it, unless you simply choose to not participate in getting insurance. 

But we see where that gets ya.

Anarchists take an extreme anti-authoritarian position which fights for the abolition of all structures of domination and coercion such as the state, capitalism, white supremacy and patriarchy. Some anarchists extend this opposition to the foundations of civilization itself and others center their antagonisms on an anti-capitalist politics that rejects state power as a tool for liberation. Most anarchists seek forms of living and working together grounded in practices of self-organization, mutual aid, collective decision making and direct action that undermine hierarchical power structures. This almost always puts anarchists in direct opposition to professional activists and the nonprofit managers of movements.

Anarchy and the Anarchists (via ninjabikeslut)

Elected Politicians, we are told, represent us. But this is nonsense, as any sane person can see. Where is the politician that represents you? Where is the politician that consults you and acts as you wish him to? Where is the politician that you can fire, or refuse to pay, if he does not render satisfactory service? Representation in the present system is a sham; it is nothing more than a front for political power.

Sy Leon, None of the Above: Why Non-Voters Are America’s Political Majority (via anarchei)

When I’m talking about being an anarchist, I’m not talking about having a mohawk and running around breaking everything for no reason. I’m talking about living in a fair, happy, joyful kind of life. It’s really hard to take things seriously when you know the history of where it came from. Why is our nation is so sexually oppressed? A lot of that comes from the leftovers of Christian dogma that doesn’t even apply anymore. We’ve grown up, but a lot of these cultural standpoints are left over from a time long gone. You know? It’s difficult for a lot of people to be able to put the facts of where these standards came from with the fact that you didn’t pick those, you didn’t choose to bring those into your life. You don’t have to take anti-depressants to get happy, when very simply you can probably just stop worrying about shit that doesn’t actually matter to you.

Stefon Alexander (via zenarchism)

I’ve never seen something more define me as a Christian Anarchist, than this quote.

I mean…man.  110%.

There is nothing necessary about the state at all. States persist because of the self interest of the powerful people who manage or manipulate them and because ordinary people haven’t realized their own power to imagine and implement alternatives.

Gary Chartier (via jenovasson)

It is bitterly ironic that heavy State propaganda has convinced many people that anarchists throw bombs, since most anti-war movements, draft resistance, disarmament, and tax resistance groups were organised by anarchists of one sort or another. Perhaps 0.01% of anarchists throughout history have used a bomb; 100% of all States bomb, shell, and machine-gun regularly as a matter of course.

Samuel Edward Konkin, An Agorist Primer (via anarchei)

Anarchism is a beautiful path, but very rough. But you have to follow it and once you’re on it you can not leave it, it envelops you, it intoxicates you . Anarchism is love, freedom, equality, humanity in all conditions. Neither borders, nor colour, nor race, nor flags! … In anarchism there is only humanity, human feelings, hope for all, the maximum you can get …

Isabel Mesa Delgado, Spanish anarchist (via thesubversivesound)

This really is exactly how I felt when I embraced Anarchism 3 years ago.  It’s changed my life, made me look at people very, very different (even those who aren’t in my life anymore), and taught me so much. I still feel this way 3 years later, and counting…

Delgado’s use of “love, freedom, equality, humanity” reminds of the motto in Moulin Rouge!, “Truth, beauty, freedom, love”.

I’ll learn from Anarchism until the day I die.

Rapper Lupe Fiasco: ‘I Lost a Lot of Friends’ After Calling Obama ‘Terrorist’ | Mediaite

I’ve had people defriend me on Tumblr, Facebook, and in real life because of saying something against the president, and “not at least respecting the office”.  Bitch, what?!  Bush and Obama are exactly the same, and if anything Obama’s even worse.  Now I know black folks are gonna hate me for it, call me racist, try to throw Bush up in my face (as if it’s a contest or something), or dismiss me, but if they’re blinded by the black, then they have their reward.  That goes for anyone blindly following potus just because he’s potus.  In a few years, we’ll all be called chauvinists or misogynistic because we bash on Hillary, if she’s put in power.  

Why people are more faithful to some government who doesn’t give a shit aobut them, than their own friends and family who do is not only very telling, but very, very sad.

The plus is that the friends I’ve made because of being an anarchist more than make up for the sheep that are still in the herd.  I’ve long supported Lupe Fiasco’s truth telling.  Others have not.

Fuck Barack Obama.  Fuck George Bush.  Fuck whatever other slag they put in there.  And fuck you for supporting them.