an awakening: facebook politics make me want to slam my face into a wall.


So, I’m supposed to not say how service in the military is basically murder at the hands of the U.S. government… how in America, we’re in the business of killing people who kill people because killing people is “wrong”… how we’re sending drones into less-civilized countries to avenge a handful of wrongdoers, while we pillage communities and murder innocent civilians… how the blood is on the hands of everyone who supports that murderous crusade for the sake of “justice.”

But you’re allowed to shout YOUR voice of support for the military from the rooftops and be uber-offended by my measly opinion (the very opinion that you kindly ask me to keep to myself.) Still, I can’t defend my own opinion lest I be verbally bitch-slapped by the Queen of the uninformed. 

Fuck you. If I wanted to be censored, I’d go on CNN. I will not shut up. 

I want to marry him so hard.