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  • Things That Happened Today

    • Found a washed & dried lottery scratch off in my coat pocket.  I brought it to the liquor store, and had it scanned.  Won $40.
    • Went to the Hallmark store, and a guy was sitting in his car, in the middle of the parking lot lane, asleep.  The girls in Hallmark went out to wake him up.
    • Went to Brueggers, saw they had a “free refill for all of 2014 coffee mug”.  Asked the price on it.  ”It’s $175,” they replied.  ”I’ll have a hot chocolate,” I retorted.
    • Saw a pillow at Target that said “Noel” on it, and thought of “Technol” aka No-L on Tumblr.
    • Brian went to use the bathroom at a diner we went to for lunch.  Came storming out 10 minutes later, having stepped in feces on the bathroom floor, and while standing on one foot, washed his other shoe off in the sink.

    We’ve had a day of it.