• Me: :::posts picture of Diana Spencer:::
  • Random person on twitter: I'm American!
  • Me: South American? Canadian American? Mexican American? It's a continent, not a country.
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Pick A Side, Any Side

Here’s something I don’t I really do get.

1)  ‘murrica blindly supports Israel.  They’re “God’s people”.  Kill Arabs, support Israel.  Jesus was Jewish (he was also Arab by birth FYI).  etc etc.

2)  Most people in this country, despite who their best friend is or who they know, will immediately attack the Jewish culture, make a joke about Jews, and generally call them out for not being anglo-saxon Christians.  This was incredibly prevalent in the 1950s and 60s, and into the 70s.  People lost their jobs over being Jewish.  Their houses were burned to the ground.  (The same racism and prejudice, often times, that black people suffered.)

Does anyone else see the irony here?  Do you support the Jews, or do you not support the Jews?  It only shows that more people are willing to shed blood in the name of patriotism than to actually look at the facts of anything in the history of ever.

What Are You Worried About?

What really happens:  Mother leaves 2-year old in hot car.

What you’re worried about:  Pressing 1 for English.

 - - - 

What really happens:  11 year old autistic boy found living in cage.

What you’re worried about:  Immigrants being issued a driver’s license.

 - - - 

What really happens:  Father leaves 22 month old son in hot car, son dies.

What you’re worried about:  Immigrants taking all the jobs (like maid, janitor, landscaper, etc.)

 - - - 

What really happens:  Ex-star athlete, wife lock up son in basement for 2 years.

What you’re worried about:  Gay people getting married, paying taxes, and having families.

 - - - 

What really happens:  Worker records racist supervisor in cotton factory.

What you’re worried about:  Hobby Lobby.

Moral Anarchism: The troops aren't hereos


This is something I see and here all the time and I’m just sick of it. 

How can all troops be heroes?  Don’t the US troops kill troops of other countries?  So if all troops are heroes wouldn’t the US troops just being killing other heroes? 

Since that is the case, you’d have to say only some troops are heroes.  Then it becomes very subjective on which troops are heroes.  Which makes the statement that all the troops are heroes.  It is a logical contradiction that can’t be universalized. 

Troops in itself is just a concept.  The same way the idea of a forest is just a concept.  A forest is just made up of individual trees.  Each other different then the other.  Just like the concept troops is just made up of individual soldiers. 

Are some individuals who serve in the army heroes? 

I’d say Chelsea (Bradley) Manning is a hero. 

But anyone who actively participates in mass murder, genocide, and destruction is anything but a hero. 

It’s time we stop hero worshiping the troops.  War shouldn’t be something that is respected or glorified.  If we stop hero worshiping the troops less people will be inclined to join.  With out soldiers there can’t be any wars. 

If you want to stop the warfare state stop worshiping the troops. 

And yes, I’ve “served” in the military.

American Christian[s]… are drinking a cocktail that’s a mix of the Protestant work ethic, the American dream, and the gospel. And we’ve intertwined them so completely that we can’t tell them apart anymore. Our gospel has become a gospel of following your dreams and being good so God will make all your dreams come true. It’s the Oprah god… We’ve completely taken this Disney notion of ‘when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true’ and melded that with faith and come up with something completely different. There’s something wrong in a culture that preaches nothing is more sacred than your dream. I mean, we walk away from marriages to follow our dreams. We abandon children to follow our dreams. We hurt people in the name of our dreams, which as a Christian is just preposterous.

Phil Vischer (via falldownlikefire)


go back and read this.

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This guy was the creator of Veggie Tales, in case you weren’t aware.


That is so spot on.  People act like the murricah way is the only way, which is incredibly and completely dismissive of the dreams of other people, and God.  Who needs God when all you have to do is step on a few toes to get somewhere in life?

The way in which “America’s soul is totally poisoned” is evident in virtually every debate over US policies of militarism. Over the weekend, several pro-war national security “experts” argued: “I’d pay closer attention to critics of drone strikes if they explained their recommended alternative.” This is a commonly heard defense of Obama’s drone assaults: I support drones - despite how they constantly kill innocent adults and children - because the alternative, “boots on the ground”, is worse.

Those who argue this are literally incapable even of conceiving of an alternative in which the US stops killing anyone and everyone it wants in the world. They operate on the assumption that US violence is and should be inevitable, and the only cognizable debate is which weapon the US should use to carry out this killing (drones or “boots on the ground”?). Even though they have no idea who the US government is killing, they assume, with literally no evidence or basis, that those being killed are “terrorists” who want to attack the US and that therefore they - and anyone close to them - must be killed first. As Jonathan Schwarz noted on Sunday, they have literally embraced the same mindset as the Terrorists they claim to loathe: we must use violence and killing, even if it means we kill innocents, because we simply cannot conceive of any alternative.

Never once do they stop and wonder: why are there so many people in the world who want to attack the US? Never once do they do what King so bravely and rather subversively urged: “the true meaning and value of compassion and nonviolence” is it “helps us to see the enemy’s point of view, to hear his questions, to know his assessment of ourselves”. King explained: “from his view we may indeed see the basic weaknesses of our own condition, and if we are mature, we may learn and grow and profit from the wisdom of the brothers who are called the opposition.” King thus urged the nation to “understand the arguments of those who are called enemy.”

Glenn Greenwald, MLK’s vehement condemnations of US militarism are more relevant than ever (via maarnayeri)

Senate Bill Authorizes Feds To Revoke Citizenship Of Americans

Go amurrika!